Fun Box 2: Pupil's Book with E-book
ISBN-13: 9789925311422
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

Fun Box Pupil’s Book includes:

  • 12 graded units each with 3 two-page lessons.
  • clearly structured, easy to follow lessons organised to fit the teaching year.
  • all the key grammar structures and essential vocabulary required at primary level, transparently presented and methodically practised.
  • a range of fun and achievable activities developing all four skills.
  • CLIL lessons in each unit. The CLIL lessons focus on learning about another school subject such as maths, science, music or arts in English.

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Fun Box 2: Activity Book
ISBN-13: 9789925311446
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

Fun Box Activity Book
Fun Box Activity Book has been designed in full colour and provides ample practice of the grammatical and lexical items presented in the Pupil’s Book. It contains a wide variety of stimulating tasks which develop pupils’ reading and writing skills and consolidate what they have learnt in class.

Fun Box Activity Book features:

  • page-for-page practice for every main lesson in the Pupil's Book, in full colour
  • fun activities that focus on the new language
  • carefully constructed tasks that are simple for young learners do do as homework
  • additional revision exercises every two units
  • actual write-in spaces for young children to handwrite their answers
  • enjoyable language games and extra sticker activities to enhance the learners' sense of achievement
  • finger puppets with charming cartoon characters to engage and motivate learners

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Fun Box 2: Language Booster (Combined Companion & Grammar)
ISBN-13: 9789925311460
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

Fun Box 2 Language Booster includes:

  • 12 units that tie in with each lesson of the Pupil's Book.
  • all new words and phrases in order of presentation in the Pupil's Book with Greek translation, labelled by page number for easy access.
  • amusing grammar presentations for each lesson.
  • clear grammar notes in Greek with examples in English.
  • a wide variety of stimulating tasks to practise the grammar and vocabulary.

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Fun Box 2: Test Book
ISBN-13: 9789925311484
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

Fun Box 2 Test Book

The Fun Box 2 Test Book Contains:

  • 12 Tests, one for each unit of the Pupil's Book
  • 3 Term Tests, one for each teaching term

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Fun Box 2: Teacher's Book
ISBN-13: 9789925311507
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

The Fun Box 2 Teacher's Book Contains:

  • clearly laid out and easy-to-follow teaching notes for each unit in the Pupil's Book
  • actual pages of the Pupil's Book embedded in full colour for ease of use
  • specially highlighted aims and materials needed for each lesson
  • suggestions for homework setting and checking
  • additional optional activities
  • a fully-illustrated End-of-year play, complete with audio and stage directions
  • 12 photocopiable Tests, one for each unit of the Pupil's Book
  • 3 Photocopiable Term Tests, one for each teaching term
  • complete Answer Keys to the Activity Book and Tests

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Fun Box 2: Flashcards
ISBN-13: 9789925311545
CEFR Level: Pre-A1
Fun Box 2: Class CDs
ISBN-13: 9789925311514
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

Class Audio Cds 

The Audio CDs are designed to to be used along with the Pupil's Book and contain the audio material for the Listen & Read presentations, the Kid's planet presentations, songs, chants and End-of-Year Play.

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Fun Box 2: Interactive Whiteboard Software
ISBN-13: 9789925311521
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

Fun Box Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Software engages pupil's attention effectively and brings lessons to life.

Fun Box IWB contains all of the Pupil's Book and the Activity Book in interactive format. All the Pupil's Book presentations and songs are fully animated and can also be played each frame at a time or even each speach bubble at a time. All the exercises in the Pupil's Book and Activity Book are interactive. The listening exercises are also playable from the IWB. The grammar is presented seperately with its own animation and reference.

The IWB also presents vocabulary, colours, numbers and catchy songs.

Also included are fun games and extra activities to end each lesson on a high note. These games and activities practise the vocabulary and grammar taught in the lesson and can be done in a fun way with the class working in teams. It also contains a ''look up'' wordlist feature. When pupils find the word they're looking for, they are then presented with a picture of that item as well as the audio pronunciation of the word.

The Flashcards from the course book are presented electronically with pronunciation and pictures to make understanding easy. The IWB also contains all the posters in an interactive digital format


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