Ping Pong Starter: Pupil's Book
ISBN-13: 9789925313402
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

Ping Pong Starter engages learners through motivating illustrated stories, songs and chants followed by enjoyable playful activities.

Ping Pong Starter features:

  • Words lessons, which teach children their first vocabulary and phrases in English, concentrating on lexical items young children can relate to.
  • Every day language activities, which teach new language to use with vocabulary.
  • Values activities, which practise good behaviour and appropriate English expressions in social situations.
  • Story and Song lessons, which present and practise words and language in a fun way.
  • Sticker activities and crafts.

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Ping Pong Starter: Activity Book
ISBN-13: 9789925313426
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

Ping Pong Starter Activity Book Includes:

  • colouring, tracing and matching activities that practise vocabulary and structures in a fun way
  • fun counting activities
  • sticker activities

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First Phonics
ISBN-13: 9789925316557

Hamilton House First Phonics has been designed to introduce simple phonics to very young learners in an entertaining way. The full-colour cartoon presentations, fun activities and memorable chants will engage your pupils' attention and make learning phonics fun.

Hamilton House First Phonics is the perfect accompaniment to any English course for very young learners.

The following phonics are presented and practised in this book: 

  • single vowel sounds (a, e, i, o, u)
  • double vowel sounds (ee, oo)
  • double consonants (th, sh, ch)

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Ping Pong Starter: Teacher's Book
ISBN-13: 9789925313440
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

Ping Pong Starter Teacher's Book contains:

  • clear and easy-to-follow teaching notes for the Pupil's Book and the Activity Book
  • detailed lesson objectives and materials guide
  • audioscripts
  • extra photocopiable pages
  • letters to parents which update them on their child's progress
  • extra online printable material

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Ping Pong Starter: Flashcards
ISBN-13: 9789925313457
CEFR Level: Pre-A1


The Flashcard Pack contains all the vocabulary items taught in the course, and flashcards are labeled with the unit and the word itself for the teacher. As well as being used for vocabulary and revision, the flashcards are used in a variety of games and activities as suggested in the Teacher's Book 

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Ping Pong Starter: Class CDs
ISBN-13: 9789925313471
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

Class Audio

The Class audio contains all the songs and stories in the course, as well as the vocabulary items and the listening activities. There are also karaoke versions of the songs

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Ping Pong Starter: Interactive Whiteboard Software
ISBN-13: 9789925313495
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

Interactive Whiteboard Software

The IWB software allows teachers to use and present the course in an interactive way. It includes:

  • All Pupil's Book pages
  • Audio-visual presentation of new vocabulary
  • Fully interactive activities and games
  • Cross curricular posters and activities
  • Fully interactive animated presentation of new vocabulary
  • enjoyable animated stories and songs
  • Videos demonstrating the craft activities

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