Let's Learn English: Pupil's Book
ISBN-13: 9789963261659
CEFR Level: Pre-A1
Author: Mark Nelson

Pupil's Book with stickers and e-book

Consisting of a starter unit and eight theme-based units. The main units have 6 pages which include a story, a song, a sticker activity, and a variety of drawing, colouring, matching, counting and sequencing activities. The language focus in each unit is on a number of theme-related lexical items and there are also a few simple structures in the course, such as It's a..., I like..., I can...

The e-book contains songs, voiced flash cards, animated stories.

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Let's Learn English: Activity Book
ISBN-13: 9789963261666
CEFR Level: Pre-A1
Author: Mark Nelson

Activity Book

Accompanies the Pupil's Book and has five pages for each of the main units, including drawing, tracing, colouring, matching, counting and sequencing activities. No new language appears in the Activity Book. The activities on the final page in each of the main units comprises a craft activity.

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First Phonics
ISBN-13: 9789925316557

Hamilton House First Phonics has been designed to introduce simple phonics to very young learners in an entertaining way. The full-colour cartoon presentations, fun activities and memorable chants will engage your pupils' attention and make learning phonics fun.

Hamilton House First Phonics is the perfect accompaniment to any English course for very young learners.

The following phonics are presented and practised in this book: 

  • single vowel sounds (a, e, i, o, u)
  • double vowel sounds (ee, oo)
  • double consonants (th, sh, ch)

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Let's Learn English: Cut and Colour Book
ISBN-13: 9789963261680
CEFR Level: Pre-A1
Author: Mark Nelson

Cut and Colour Book 

Contains flashcards of all the vocabulary items taught in the course. Pupils cut out and colour the flashcards in the final lesson of each unit. They use them to play a game in class, and at the end of the lesson they take them home to show their parents.

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Let's Learn English: Teacher's Book
ISBN-13: 9789963261703
CEFR Level: Pre-A1
Author: Mark Nelson

Teacher's book

Includes step-by-step lesson plans for each lesson of the course, photocopiable materials and letters for parents.

At the top of each lesson plan page, there is a teacher-friendly at-a-glance list of lesson objectives, focus language, receptive language and materials needed for the lesson. The following sections also appear in the lesson plans:

  • Beginning the lesson
  • Circle time
  • Play ...
  • Table time
  • Activity Book
  • Ending the lesson

Finally, there are nine letters for the parents which contain a summary of the activities the pupils have completed as well as the language which has been taught and suggestions on how they can practise the language at home.

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Let's Learn English: Flashcards
ISBN-13: 9789963261734
CEFR Level: Pre-A1
Author: Mark Nelson

Flashcard Pack

The flashcard pack contains all the vocabulary items taught in the course, and are labelled with the unit and the word link itself for the teacher. As well as being used for vocabulary presentation and revision, the flashcards are used in a variety of games and activities as suggested in the Teacher's Book.

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Let's Learn English: Interactive Whiteboard Software
ISBN-13: 978-9963261727
CEFR Level: Pre-A1
Author: Mark Nelson

Interactive Whiteboard Software

Allows the teacher to work in the classroom more efficiently, using all the material online.

The program contains:

  • All pages of the Pupil’s Book and activity book
  • Audio-visual presentation of new vocabulary
  • Fully interactive activities and games
  • Cross curricular posters and activities
  • Fully interactive animated presentation of the new vocabulary;
  • Enjoyable animated stories and songs.

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Let's Learn English: Class CD
ISBN-13: 9789963261710
CEFR Level: Pre-A1
Author: Mark Nelson

Class Audio CD

Contains all the songs and stories in the course, as well as the vocabulary items and the listening activities. There are also karaoke versions of the songs.

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Let's Learn English Pupil's Pack
ISBN-13: 9789963261659P
CEFR Level: Pre-A1

Pupil's Book, Activity Book, Cut & Colour Book

Let’s Learn English is a new course for very young learners who have not had English classes before. 


The course adopts a flexible approach to teaching, which makes it suitable for different teaching situations and learning styles. There is a strong emphasis on the use of stories, art and craft activities as well as songs which help young children engage in English without having to read or write.
Tom, the main character of the course, is a lively and fun-loving cat. Together with his parents, his sister Lenny and Sam the mouse, he gets up to all kinds of adventures.

Let’s Learn English includes:

• beautifully illustrated stories.

• fun and lively songs and chants

• simple, enjoyable and varied activities

• stickers and cut-outs to enhance the children's learning experience

• focus on values pages

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