Grammar Genius A Student's Book
ISBN-13: 9789963687343
CEFR Level: A1
Author: Zandra Daniels

Grammar Genius features:

  • grammar presented through loveable cartoon strips in simple, amusing contexts that motivate young learners
  • grammar structures taught in short, learner-friendly steps
  • detailed, clear and easy to follow reference sections
  • a wide variety of carefully graded practice exercises
  • writing and speaking tasks at the end of each unit
  • special 'be a genius' boxes with helpful tips
  • regular revision units 
  • a unit-by-unit wordlist at the back of the book
  • Online platform with additional practice exercises

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Grammar Genius A Teacher's Book
ISBN-13: 9789963687350
CEFR Level: A1
Author: Zandra Daniels

Teacher's book

Contains the full version of the Student's book with overprinted answers.

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Grammar Genius A Test Booklet
ISBN-13: 9789963687725
CEFR Level: A1

Test Booklet

  • a new test for each set of units of the Student's Book
  • a thorough final test as an end-of-year check
  • tasks carefully written to check all main grammar items taught in the respective Student's Book units
  • all tasks bearing a ready-made score scheme for easy marking

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