All American B2 Student's Book
ISBN-13: 9789925319169

The All American B2 Student's Book

  • engages students thanks to its thought-provoking topics and exciting visuals that reflect modern-day life and 21st century issues.
  • builds on the students' existing knowledge and natural curiosity in special introductory Checkpoints.
  • develops reading comprehension skills and strategies while giving students opportunities to express themselves.
  • stimulates the students' attention with specially-made videos engaging learners and involving them creatively.
  • builds up the students' knowledge in all lexical and grammatical areas required at B2 level.
  • offers step-by-step development of listening and speaking skills, ranging from guided practice to realistic exam tasks, with extra support through Language Banks.
  • provides detailed guidance on the process and requirements of effective writing through systematic model analysis, appropriate language use and suitable structure, with a novel Writing Guide for support.
  • develops efficient test-taking skills thanks to the comprehensive Exam Strategy sections and helpful Tips.
  • enables students to recycle language and evaluate their progress in special B2 Practice tasks and dedicated Exam Practice sections in each unit.
  • provides a comprehensive learning framework that ensures success in any B2 examination in American English.

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